Do your patients ever complain of fatigue or tell you they don't sleep well? If so, they're not alone.

More than 40 million American suffer from sleep disorders. Most know they aren't receiving adequate sleep, but few realize they have a clinical disease. Obstructive Sleep Apnea accounts for 80% of all sleep disorders, left untreated, it contributes to hypertension, diabetes, obesity, heart failure, coronary artery disease, stroke, impotence and other chronic illness. Together, we can help. The Grand Forks Center for Sleep offers hope for patients with sleep disorders. We are the premier diagnostic and treatment center of the greater Grand Forks area.

Your patients can be seen at the Grand Forks Center for Sleep by making a direct sleep study referral, you will then be notified of results and be contacted for treatment.

With proper diagnosis and treatment, sleep apnea and sleep disorders are manageable and patients often experience profound health improvements. Together, we can help patients who suffer from these potentially life-threatening disorders.

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